Springfield Sanctuary Dates For Your Diary

"It behoves anyone who desires to be a skillful herbalist, to be present when the plants first shoot out of the earth, when they are fully grown and when they begin to fade."


Springfield Sanctuary is a small oasis of tranquillity hidden in a small Cotswold farm two miles from Stow on the Wold in Gloucestershire. From March to October workshops are held mostly outside from 11am to 3 pm and participants bring something to share with everyone for lunch. They aim to develop the practical skills a herbwife needs. The winter workshops held in Solihull take place inside from 10am- 2pm and end with a shared lunch. Whatever the time of year or the subject matter we always have fun, drink tea, play with our new herbal friends and share experiences. The workshops are very informal and suit everyone from beginners to more advanced practitioners. 

Springfield Sanctuary Workshops 2018

10 November (Saturday) Solihull 10am-2pm
Creating anti-viral vinegars
Learn how to make fire cider vinegar and other infusions from a range of herbal products.

8 December  (Saturday) Solihull 10am-2pm
Creating a herbal pharmacy
Make your own salves, creams and spice mixes as well as sleep pillows and other goodies.

Springfield Sanctuary Workshops 2019

12 January (Saturday) Solihull 10am-2pm
Herbal tonics for the New Year
Join us to learn the concept of digestive and immune enhancing tonics and make your own.

February (Saturday) Solihull 10am-2pm 
Preparing for Spring with herbs
We shall be looking at preparing different tonics to help throw off the sluggishness of winter and prepare for coming activity.

16 March (Saturday) Springfield Sanctuary Upper Slaughter, Glos 11am-3pm
Celebrating weeds
Join us at Springfield Sanctuary to discover which common herbs are emerging from their winter sleep and how they can be used to help us. Learn how to make herbal teas and  vinegars from plants you source yourself.

13 April (Saturday) Sanctuary 11am-3pm
Working with spring herbs
Ever wondered what to do with an abundance of fresh nettles or why the Victorians loved cleavers? Learn how to make a nettle vinegar, a mineral rich tea and other herbal infusions. Join us in a herb walk around the Sanctuary and notice which herbs are in season in the fields and hedgrerows.

11 May (Saturday) Sanctuary 11am-3pm
Working with blossoms
Join us to collect seasonal blossoms, make teas, tinctures, flower essences and a herbal oil. There may be seedlings to plant out, a herb walk around the Sanctuary and herbal tales to tell.

8 June (Saturday) Sanctuary 11am-3pm 
Working with Summer Herbs
Join us to learn about the cooling and uplifting herbs of summer. Make a rose elixir, gather elderflowers and make your own tea. We shall experiment with different herbal infusions and flower essences and enjoy the abundance around us.

6 July   (Saturday) Sanctuary 11am-3pm
 Harvesting summer Summer
Join us to learn more about anti-inflammatory and anti-viral herbs. Pick a basket of fresh herbs, make a double infused oil or a flower essence, learn more about your herbal ally and generally enjoy the plants around you.

3 August (Saturday) Sanctuary 11am-3pm
Preserving summer herbs
Join us to pick and process your favourite herbs. Discover the wealth of herbal beauty growing around the Sanctuary. Learn how best to preserve your herbs and which part to harvest for maximum effect.

6-8 September Sanctuary (Friday - Sunday) 
Celebrating Herbs Festival
The focus of this year's festival is Herbs and bodily systems, with an intensive on Friday afternoon, talks and workshops throughout the weekend. Open mics each evening, kite displays and children's activities.

12 October  (Saturday) Sanctuary 11am-3pm
Underground Harvest
Autumn is the time for root harvesting. Join us to dig various roots and learn how to process and preserve. There will also be the opportunity to make something from wood available in the Sanctuary

9 November (Saturday) Solihull 10am-2pm
Caring for your skin with herbs
Learn how to make salves creams and other infusions from a range of herbal products.

7 December  (Saturday) Solihull 10am-2pm
Herbal support for winter
Make your own cordials and anti-viral products to help you through the shortest days

The workshops are funded by donations. Each workshop costs around £40 to deliver and most people donate between £10 and £40 per session. If you want to take a herbal preparation away with you, you need to bring vodka/brandy, cider vinegar and/or honey to each workshop. Clean jamjars are always welcome.

The workshops held in Solihull last from 10am- 2pm,  Bring something with you to share for lunch.

The workshops held at Springfield Sanctuary are from 11am-3pm. You will need to bring warm clothes, waterproofs, sensible footwear, cider vinegar, vodka, brandy, honey and something to share for lunch.

Springfield Sanctuary Work Dates 2018

We need help to keep the Sanctuary in good condition. Below are dates when anyone can come and help. Donations are not expected for these days but bring food to share.

23/24 November (Friday and Saturday) Sanctuary clear up  

Springfield Sanctuary Work Dates 2019

18/19 January 10am-2pm

15/16 February 10am-2pm

3-5 September Festival Preparation