Playing with Herbs: A beginner's guide to Herbcraft contains basic information and recipes for making different kinds of infusions, oils, tinctures, vinegars and honeys. There are lots of pictures taken from herbs grown and harvested at the Sanctuary and tips on how to successfully create your own herbal remedies.

Sanctuary Healing looks at the various attributes of plants and trees which can help balance both health and emotions. It leads you through making your own flower essences and how to learn more about the energetic and spiritual properties of plants and trees which grow in Springfield Sanctuary in the Cotswolds. There are suggestions for developing personal relationships with plants and applying them in different ways, such as anointing or using smoke. There is also advice about working with wood and how this can help support those who are distressed.

Two poetry books have also been inspired by Springfield Sanctuary. 

Poems for Difficult Times  was written when I was providing training on coping with bereavement and loss. The collection offers support for those who are grieving through all the different forms of bereavement, whether it is the loss of a loved one, loss of self through ill health, dementia or acquired brain injury or loss of a relationship. The poems can be used as prayers, meditations or chants.

Springfield Sanctuary Poems and Songs takes you on a journey through the seasons at the Sanctuary. There are also songs with music which I've written and perform during our festivals.

All the books are fully illustrated with photographs of plants, places and people who love the Sanctuary.

Other opportunities to listen to my poetry can be found on the Solihull Writers Spoken Word page

There is also a youtube video for Samhain here

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