Springfield Sanctuary Dates For Your Diary

"It behoves anyone who desires to be a skillful herbalist, to be present when the plants first shoot out of the earth, when they are fully grown and when they begin to fade."


Springfield Sanctuary is a small oasis of tranquillity hidden in a small Cotswold farm two miles from Stow on the Wold in Gloucestershire. From March to October workshops are held mostly outside from 11am to 3 pm and participants bring something to share with everyone for lunch. They aim to develop the practical skills a herbwife needs. The winter workshops held in Solihull take place inside from 10am- 2pm and end with a shared lunch. Whatever the time of year or the subject matter we always have fun, drink tea, play with our new herbal friends and share experiences. The workshops are very informal and suit everyone from beginners to more advanced practitioners. 

Springfield Sanctuary Workshops 


Workshop dates (Saturdays)
Nov 11th, 
Dec 9th


DATE               ACTIVITY                LOCATION              TIME

6 January Workday & Wassail        Sanctuary        10am/4pm

13 January      Workshop                Solihull            10am-2pm

10 February     Workshop                Solihull            10am-2pm

9 March           Workshop                Sanctuary        11am-3pm

13 April            Workshop                Sanctuary        11am-3pm

4 May              Workshop                Sanctuary        11am-3pm

8 June             Workshop                Sanctuary        11am-3pm

13 July             Workshop                Sanctuary        11am-3pm

3 August          Workshop                Sanctuary        11am-3pm

3-5 September Festival Setup         Sanctuary

6-8 September Celebrating Herbs Festival

12 October      Workshop                Sanctuary        11am-3pm

9 November     Workshop                Solihull            10am-2pm

7 December     Workshop                Solihull            10am-2pm

Place: Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec, Solihull 10am-2pm
           March, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Oct. Springfield Sanctuary, 11am-3pm

Celebrating Herbs Festival 2024 : 6-8 September.
Whenever we meet, please bring food to share.

The workshops are funded by donations. Each workshop costs around £40 to deliver and most people donate between £10 and £40 per session. If you want to take a herbal preparation away with you, you need to bring vodka/brandy, cider vinegar and/or honey to each workshop. Clean jam jars are always welcome.

The workshops held in Solihull last from 10am- 2pm,  Bring something with you to share for lunch.

The workshops held at Springfield Sanctuary are from 11am-3pm. You will need to bring warm clothes, waterproofs, sensible footwear, cider vinegar, vodka, brandy, honey and something to share for lunch.

3-5 September Festival Preparation

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