Friday, 26 March 2010

April UK Blog party: Herbs for aches and pains

I'm hosting the UK Herbarium blog party on 20th April. A recent posting on the Herb Society Forum started me thinking about all the new aches and pains we gather as we start back working in the garden, or generally exercise more because of the lengthening days and hopefully more clement weather.

What are your favourite herbs to use at these times? Is it a salve or oil to massage in to the aching area, or do you opt for a herbal liqueur to savour as you take your ease?

Please send me the url for your blog party posting either as a comment here or to my email address, sarah at headology dot co dot uk before 20th April and I will reveal them all on the day!


Brigitte said...

Great idea!
Just wonder if Deb's is doing a blog party as well since she is on the schedule for April with 'Discovering Local Wild Herbs'

Sarah Head said...

Oh bother! I thought I was doing April!

Sarah Head said...

Brigitte, I've just heard from Debs, we've swapped months - she's busy in April and I'm busy in May, so it works out well!