Tuesday 20 April 2010

April UK Blog party: Herbs for aches and pains

April's more clement weather sees most of us out working with plants in whichever way we can. Increased activity can often bring aches and pains to areas we haven't used in a while. Here are some fascinating articles for this month's blog party. Thank you to everyone who has participated this month. My article will be a little late as I'm recovering from a 32 hour coach journey through Spain and France to get home after our flights were cancelled due to the Icelandic volanic eruption. I know I shall be trying out new recipes to help with my aches and pains!

Brigitte offers some helpful advice on preventing aches as well as recipes to treat them if they do occur

Debs shared some exciting recipes for bath soak, salve and linament in her article here

Elizabeth has been studying sweet marjoram for her contribution to the blog party and has found new ways to help aches.

Lucinda reminds us we can never lump any kind of malaise into one "idea", but need to discover which herb best helps which kind of condition.

My contribution covers my experience of learning about different pains and their controls and how herbs can be helpful.


Oya's Daughter said...

I have a query: as a fibromyalgia/arthritis sufferer, what would work best for what I call the "season-change crunchies" - every joint aches due to the cold nights warring with the warmer days, and I'm often waking up with swollen hands.

Cheers in advance!

Marigold said...

Dear Hathor's Bath. You may find some ideas on these websites:


(this is a lovely website with beautiful drawings)



I haven't tried Maria Treben's remedies for arthritis or the season change, but I have tried others that help.

I have only just heard of this website and it looks great.

Hope you find something.

Unknown said...

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