Thursday, 6 January 2011

January Blog Party : Call for submissions

This month's blog party is hosted by Lucinda over at Whispering Earth. She writes "With the festive cheer over and the weather unremittingly grey, January is often the least favourite month of people in the Northern hemisphere. That is why I have decided to give this month’s blog party the theme of Herbal Hugs.

The idea is to write about the herbs you find most comforting, supportive, caring and indulgent or the recipes you just couldn’t be without when you feel a little low and just want a big hug from your favourite plant friends. Perhaps you have one plant in particular that has been of great comfort to you, a favourite tea blend or a bath recipe that always calms and comforts. If so please share them with us here so together we can have a truly uplifting start to the New Year.

If you have your own blog then add your post before January 20th and email me the link at -I’ll post the links to all the entries here on the evening of the 20th.

If you don’t have a blog but would like to join us anyway you can email your piece as a word document to Debs at the UK Herbarium on debs at herbal-haven dot co dot uk and she will add it to the UK Herbarium blog as a guest post."

I know I have a few recipes I love to make during this time of year, so I will be sharing these later in the month.


Ben @ Dried Herbs said...

Hiya Sarah, I was just wondering if you had any recipies that use chocolate mint? Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Ben @ Dried Herbs

Sarah Head said...

Hi Ben, I have chocolate mint growing madly in the Sanctuary main herb bed. It is the favourite mint for mint tea and we've used it to make mint vinegar and mint and lemon honey which is wonderful! The recipes for the latter come from Kiva Rose's site You can use it for anything you would use other peppermints for - it doesn't taste or smell of chocolate. My favourite mint for most things is an applemint, but spearmint, lavender and chamomile make a very soothing tea mixed together, you could try with chocolate mint instead of the spearmint.I used to use this as a demonstration herb tea with folks who had never tasted one and it lasted for around 5 years without losing its flavour!