Tuesday, 15 March 2011

March blog party - Herbal creativity

I'm late again, but this month's UK Herbarium blog party is hosted by Lucinda at Whispering Earth. Lucinda says,

This is a very broad topic covering anything that inspires us or encourages our creative side. You might want to share some herbal crafts that you particularly enjoy, a short story or poem inspired by herbs, a herbal drawing or photographs or a recipe that you are particularly proud of, be it culinary, cosmetic or medicinal. This blog party is about ideas you have enjoyed playing with and also about sharing with each other some of the ways in which herbs inspire us in all the many facets of our lives.

If you have your own blog then add your post before March 20th and email me the link at whisperingearth@gmail.com -I’ll post the links to all the entries here that evening. If you don’t have a blog but would like to join us anyway you can email your piece as a word document to Debs at the UK Herbarium on debs at herbal-haven dot co dot uk and she will add it to the UK Herbarium blog as a guest post."

So, I now have four days to put something together, take photos and write it up!

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Anonymous said...

4 days, you can do it! I can imagine you have tons of inspiring and creative ideas you could write about. I bet you and Debs could write a book on herbal creativity between you. :)

I've been very much enjoying your violet posts by the way, having been working with her a lot this spring. It was fun to read your historical notes and childhood recollections. I've just been writing about my adventures with this wonderful healer who I've been most grateful for this year.

Hope to see you at the 'party'.