Saturday, 3 December 2011

Springfield Sanctuary Workshop Dates 2012

For those of you who live within the UK and don't mind travelling, I invite you to join us learn more about herbs at the monthly Springfield Sanctuary workshops. Whatever the time of year or the subject matter we always have fun - drink tea, play with our new friends and chat.

Springfield Sanctuary Workshops 2012
January 14th New Year tonics - Solihull

February 11th Barks as medicine – Solihull

March 10th Herbal recognition - Sanctuary

April 21 Experiencing Herbs - Sanctuary

May 12 Experiencing Herbs - Sanctuary

June 30 Experiencing Herbs - Sanctuary

July 14 Harvesting Herbs - Sanctuary

Aug 25 Harvesting Herbs - Sanctuary

Sept 7-9 Springfield Sanctuary Festival

Oct 13 Roots and wood - Sanctuary

Nov 10 Oils and Salves - Solihull

Dec 8 Creating medicines - Solihull

The workshops are funded by donations. Each workshops costs around £40 to deliver and most people donate between £10 and £20 per session. For more details contact me or see the website

We also need help to keep the Sanctuary in good condition. I've therefore organised some days when people can come and help.

Springfield Sanctuary Work Dates 2012

February 18th – Tree felling and pond clearance
April 7 – Spring preparation
Nov 17 - Autumn clear up

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Comfrey Cottages said...

I would certainly love to come if I lived anywhere near!! Sending love from this side of the pond!