Monday, 23 January 2012

February Blog Party : Working with winter trees

I am very happy to host the first UK Herbarium blog party of 2012. You are invited to join us by submitting a blog post which describes how you relate to trees in winter.

It may be you work with them creatively or educationally – admiring their unencumbered outlines or familiarising yourself or others with their individual bark patterns and markings. Maybe you work with the bark medicinally or create wonderful pictures through bark rubbings. You may work with leaf buds in their dormant forms admiring their different colours and textures or making your own flower essences or infused oils or salves.

Share with us your experiences in words and pictures by creating your blog post and sending it to me before 20th February so that I can publish all those links on that day. I look forward to receiving your contribution.

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