Tuesday 21 August 2018

Been busy!

Less than three weeks to go until the "2018 Celebrating Herbs Festival" You can find the link to the programme for the weekend here

One of the reasons for a lack of blog posts here this year is that I have been busy writing. Last year I published Playing with Herbs: A beginner's guide to Herbcraft 

This year I've been working on two poetry books and my second herb book. Sanctuary Healing: Energetic Uses of Plants and Trees

The two poetry books have also been inspired by Springfield Sanctuary. The first is Poems for Difficult Times which were written when I was providing training on coping with bereavement and loss. 

The second book, Springfield Sanctuary Poems and Songs takes you on a journey through the seasons at the Sanctuary. There are also songs with music which I've written and perform during our festivals.

All the books are fully illustrated with photographs of plants, places and people who love the Sanctuary.

The books are available through Amazon and other online book sellers world wide. If you are able to provide me with a review for any of my work, it would be much appreciated.

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