Tuesday, 10 May 2011

May blog party : Flower essences, Call for submissions

This month's UK Herbarium blog party features flower essences.

What are they? How do you make them? What do they mean to you? The aim of this set of posts is to discover how you relate or don't relate to flower essences. How do you learn the energetic property of the plant? Do you read a book, discover an internet article or ask the plant to tell you? How do you use the finished essence? Do you use the original infusion or do you use a homeopathic dilution? Have you noticed any difference? What do you use flower essences for? What are your stories? Can you share them with us, no matter how strange or bizarre.

Please let me know if you wish to take part in the blog party (the more the merrier). Once you've written your blog post, send me the link to the article by email at sarah at headology dot co dot uk by 20 May. I know there isn't much time, but this month is proving frantically busy both on a work and gardening front for me, so please bear with me.

If you don't have a blog, but would like to write an article, let me know and we'll arrange a host blog for your post. I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts.


Indigenous Shamanic Winds said...

Blessings of the Day! I am most certainly in on this one (if I can only remember, nine days away, lol!). I live in Michigan and am finding so many new and exciting plants and herbs in our yard that I've always seen but never knew what they were before -- and one of my favorite Flowers have popped up and would be the perfect subject for this Blog Party for myself to indulge in -- whooo hoooo!

I am Shamanic Winds, and you can find my (beginning) herbal Blogger site at "A Practical Year in Herbalism with Goldenrod" at: practicalherbalismgoldenrod (dot) blogspot (dot) com.

Hugs )O(

Sarah Head said...

I shall look forward to reading your article

Sandies' Patch said...

Hello there,
I read your blog and am always inspired but, wish I could take the plunge and actually do something with the information you share.
With that in mind, I wonder what use I could make of Comfrey plants that are flowering in abundance aroun me? I've made horribly smelly comfrey and nettle feed for my veg but think there must be a cream or lotion for skin that can be made from comfrey?
This particular comfrey has pale pink/purplsh flowers and grows to about 3 feet in height.

I would be grateful for you suggestions/recipes as I feel it is terribkle for this free plant to go wasted, althought the bees seem to like it.

Sandie x

Sarah Head said...

Hi Sandie, why don't you make a double infused oil with the leaves using the instructions in the previous blog post. Better still, if you are free on Saturday, come down to the farm and make one with us! Email me for directions tomorrow if you're free.

Lisa Allen MH said...

Oh, I just LOVE Flower Essences, using them and more recently creating them! I will not have time to submit this time, but maybe another time! I will stay tuned for the announcement and eagerly read other posts that day!