Monday, 23 May 2011

May blog party : Flower essences

The wonderful thing about blog parties is the diverse wealth of articles produced by participants. This month is no exception.

Ali at Eldrum Musings offers a new (to me) way of considering medicinal herbal doses using the five elements from "earth" to "spiritual" which is the flower essence. She also shares her latest flower tinctures, white archangel and hawthorn.

Danielle at The Teacup Chronicles has looked at the background to flower essences and told her personal story of making and working with dandelion flower essence. I especially love her dramatic photos.

Debs at Herbal Haven has written a courageous article explaining why she doesn't agree with the whole concept of flower essences.

Lucinda at Whispering Earth blog has written a beautiful article, By Sun and Moon, descibing how she has made both a sun essence and a moon essence - something I have not yet attempted.

Jackie at Moongazing Hare has contributed a description of her personal journey with flower essences showing how anyone can make and use them.

My contribution can be found below. Again, it's very much a personal growth story. What I especially love is offering people who come to the Sanctuary the opportunity to build a personal relationship with a plant through making a flower essence. The whole process brings a delight and deeper understanding of possibilities which was not there before they started.

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