Sunday, 5 February 2012

All Tea Towels Review

I love tea towels. When I started knitting again three years ago all my family and friends received a tea towel along with homemade knitted dishcloths and a piece of soap for Christmas. Every time we go on holiday a new tea towel appears in our kitchen as a friendly reminder of new experiences or I send them to far away friends who may never have a chance to visit the places I go.

“Did you like the tea towel I sent?” I asked a friend recently after I’d sent her some Irish linen tea towels with Celtic designs on them.

“You mean they were meant for drying dishes?” She looked at me with a horrified expression on her face. “Each one is so beautiful. I thought it was a wall hanging so I put them in my bedroom!”

When I received an unsolicited email several weeks ago from a new online tea towel company asking if I would like to review some tea towels and could choose two to keep afterwards I was very pleased.

The All Tea Towels site is well laid out with interesting designs which are easy to locate. I have to say it took be half an hour to decide which tea towels to request as samples because there were so many beautiful designs to choose from. I eventually chose Herbs and Spices and Herbs and Butterflies from the Fruit and Veg, Garden selection as my samples as I thought they would be good teaching aids for talks. There were several in the Flowers and Nature section I was very taken with and may return to buy later on in the year. I especially loved the Garden Roses and the British Wild Flowers.

The samples arrived the following day, which was very impressive. One tea towel was pure linen and the other a linen/cotton mix. Both were very good quality with vibrant colours and clear writing.

What pleased me the most was the included 100% Linen Tea Towel Care Guide recommending that I steep the linen tea towel in a bowl of mild detergent and rub it gently by hand before leaving it to steep for a further couple of hours to remove most of the natural starch in the fibres and improve absorbency. It also recommended drying dishes with the non-print side of the tea towel.

In all the years I have been buying tea towels I have never been offered a guide to their care, so I was very impressed this was included with the samples. I am very happy to recommend the All Tea Towel Company and hope others have the same happy experience that I have had.

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Comfrey Cottages said...

those sure are gorgeous!! would love to have those in my kitchen:)