Monday, 20 February 2012

February Blog Party Articles : Working with winter trees

We have an international flavour to this month's UK Herbarium blog party. Ruth has joined us for the first time to talk about her love of Australian Eucalyptus trees. Leslie has written a delightful article on a local American spring tonic provided by Sassafrass roots. Jo-Ann shares pictures of her local winter trees and Ali talks about her surprise in finding medicine on her doorstep from Grandmother pine. Jackie has posted about her changing relationship with winter trees due to her apprenticeship

One of my apprentice tasks has been to map their local area looking especially for hawthorn and elder. Several people posted articles about making elder bark salve or taking others on their local walks. These have been included in the blog party.

I will be writing my blog party post tomorrow when my family leaves. After being ill for so long and then spending two days cooking for my parents and in preparation for our tree felling weekend at the Sanctuary, I haven't been able to sit down at the computer and think!

Blog party articles
A vote of thanks to trees by Ruth
Bark Medicine: Sassafrass by Leslie
How becoming an apprentice herbalist changed the way I relate to trees in winter by Jackie
Working with bark - another tree gift by Sarah
Trees in winter by Jo-Ann
Grandmother Pine by Ali
Using Elder Bark by Rita (Rita lives in Belgium and has just started learning
A Bruise salve made from elder bark by Shobana
Hotpotch Herbs - a winter walk by Paules


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Thanks for sharing Sarah!
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thank you for hosting, Sarah xxx