Monday, 20 February 2012

A vote of thanks to trees

When Sarah posted on the Down to Earth forum asking if anyone wanted to write an article about trees as part of the February UK Herbarium blog party I felt immediately compelled to answer. You see, I love my trees, and this seemed to present an opportunity to say thank you to them in some way.

I am blessed to live in the Perth Hills in Western Australia. Our little wooden pole home sits within a 1 acre bush block that is heavily treed with Australian Eucalypts consisting of mainly; Jarrah, Marri and Wandoo. I can see the trees from every space in the house (even in the bath!) and is one reason we chose to buy the property 6 years ago. The whole ambiance of the place feels very peaceful and I think of it as a sanctuary that I can return home to after a hectic day at work, helping me to remain sane in an insane world.

The trees help me to recharge my batteries and I think of them like a bridge to tap into an infinite source of energy. When I am stressed or anxious I only have to look at the trees to instantly feel calm and grounded. If I am feeling very depleted energetically I go outside and walk amongst them, listening to the rustle of their leaves in the wind and feeling their bark. The trees always feel strong and ‘real’, something tangible that I can see and touch, growing tall and straight and lush.

I have discovered that if I spend lots of time with the trees, walking, sitting looking at them, talking to them and touching them, my creativity is triggered I just have to go and write or paint or create something. For example my trees helped me to write and illustrate a fairy tale to welcome my grandchild into the world. I was inspired by the trees to paint them into the story with faces amongst their bark, revealing the spirits that I can sense reside within them.

I sometimes write poems and little stories about my trees. This is what I wrote about Angor, a large Marri that grows outside our second bedroom where I used to do my yoga every morning (before the new Grandchild took over the room : )):

‘I see him every morning,
I dip up and down in my salute to the sun
I see him each and every time
On the up
And then on the down.
That almost in the corner of my eye seeing,
he stands there solemnly
And I am instilled with confidence-
in time and place.
Sometimes I am sad.
I look at Angor and I giggle.
He looks very serious and wise
The delight of him flows through my body lifting my spirit
Chasing the sadness away…………….
I sense his rootedness
I too feel my roots
I become aware of the earth beneath my feet and the timeless beautiful nature of it all’.

I haven’t overtly used trees in my work with people. However I have had clients introduce trees into counselling sessions and I have supported and assisted them to develop the theme. The clients that I am thinking of clearly found their connection with trees healing and comforting.

The trees not only sustain my mind and spirit but they also keep my home warm in winter; their fallen braches and twigs providing logs and kindling. Their leaves too are an important element in our little circle of self-sufficiency. We use them to mulch the garden beds and to add to the compost bin.

If I am feeling frivolous I will get some fresh gum leaves put them in a glass bowl and sprinkle them with water. Their scent infuses the whole house with the aroma of fresh eucalyptus.

With Love

Ruth x


KeLLy aNN said...

I have taught my womb fruits to LoVe Trees as much as I do. Here in the South, we have the huge Oaks that have such Fantastic energy. Especially the ones that have limbs on the ground; they make for great climbing and communing. I instantly feel better the moment I lay my hand on one.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Ruth, What amazing home you must live in! Your trees sound fantastic:)That is so cool you chose your homesite specifically because of the trees. Magical! Loved your poem and your relationship with your trees.
Hugs and love, Leslie (thank you for sharing!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kellyann. I used to live in Wales in the UK and really miss the Oak trees...........Australia is a very ancient land too and I have found that with practice I can feel the energy here through the trees (and rocks & & !) I connect to so easily in Wales.
Ruth x

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Leslie! Im just hopping over to your blog to rad your post now. Ruth x